The violin is made of different kinds of wood where the top is usually made of spruce while the sides and back are usually of maple. The fingerboard of the violin is usually made of ebony; however, sometimes ivory is also used. Violin strings were originally made of gut but is today made of different materials. Different kinds of violin strings give different tones and sound quality. Some violin strings also stay in tune, and last longer than others. Violin strings are today usually metal, synthetic core or gut strings.

Metal violin strings produce pure, clear and loud tones and are easy to play. Beginners and intermediate players prefer using steel core strings. The synthetic core violin strings are made of the nylon perlon and produce subtler sounds than metal strings and donít have to be tuned often.

Today, there are also electric violins that send signals via an electrical pickup device. There are also electric violins that work only when plugged in. Electric violins have a solid body design with wiring and batteries found in its body. Being a new invention, electric violin makers today can use their imagination to decide on the shape of the electric violin.

Violins are best bought in violin stores for a better range of violins. There are some violin stores that sell violins from different manufacturers, and some that manufacture their own violins. Some violin stores also rent out violins and sell used violins. As new violins cost between two hundred to twenty thousand dollars, beginners usually rent violins or buy used ones. Whatever the case, make sure that the violin comes with a violin case to provide it protection from any damage.

Interested in learning how to play violin? Not sure which is the best method? Then here are a few suggested methods you might like to consider to get you started.

Learning to play the violin requires patience and of course practice coupled with time and a certain amount of dedication. As with any hobby there is always a cost involved, not only that of buying the equipment or in this case the instrument along with accessories, but also the cost of the tuition.

The most obvious way to learn to play violin is to find a good teacher. Teachers generally offer classes or run courses at schools and colleges but you can also find those who offer private tuition either at their own private studio or in the comfort of your own home. This method, which is the most traditional and obvious method of learning how to play violin, allows you to get a better visual understanding of the instrument. A teacher can spot any mistakes you may make and prevent any bad habits from developing and this will allow for quicker progression and development with your playing.

However, if paying for a tutor is a little on the expensive side you can always purchase courses online in the form of books, DVDs and even online videos. The main thing to consider when thinking about learning to play violin online is that you obtain any tutorials etc from a reputable and experienced teacher. This is by no means the easiest or even quickest way to learn the violin and require a lot more patience when it comes to following the classes. It is however a practical option and perhaps the cheapest way to learn how to play violin.